How to clean and reclaim the screen?


When you finished your printing, use a card board to remove all the excess ink on the screen. Then using the proper cleaning chemical to clean the ink and emulsion. NEVER USE MINERALS SPIRIT TO CLEAN THE INK ON THE SCREEN. It will lockup the emulsion on the screen and cannot be reclaimed. 

The first step, apply an amount of Degreaser to cover residual ink. Using dedicated nylon scrub pad or brush, agitate in a circular motion on both sides of the screen. Ink will immediately emulsify. Rinse with water. Second, spray Reclaimer onto stencil, wetting both front and back sides thoroughly. Allow Reclaimer to penetrate and break down stencil for approximately 2 minutes.Do not allow Reclaimer to dry on stencil. Thick stencils may require mild abrasion using a nylon scrub pad or brush. Spray out stencil using pressure washer if necessary. 

Third, Degrease mesh with Degreaser. And let it dry. 

Follow that 3 Steps, you will can reuse your screen.