Should I use Wood Screen or Aluminum Screen?


It is really upon your usage. Generally, screens with aluminum frames should last much longer than wood frames which warp after repeated washing. Aluminum screens are around 3~5 dollars more than wood screens of the same size. Aluminum frame is a better choice while print multiple colors because its registration is better.

Advantages: Lower initial cost, Maybe re-stretched numerous times prior to replacing. Disadvantages:May warp when exposed to solvents and water. Our wood screens are manufactured with kiln dried Douglas Fir, a species known for its durability and stability. Warping is rarely a problem with our screens, but it is a possibility.

Advantages: Lighter than wood. Will never warp. Maybe re-stretched numerous times prior to replacing. You’ll pay slightly more for aluminum screens the first time, but you’ll never pay more than the cost to -stretch the screens in the future. Disadvantages:Slightly higher initial cost. Will not hold registration as securely in manual machines using jack posts rather than clamping bars to secure the frame to the press.