Wilflex EPIC Performance Pantone Custom Color Match Non-Phthalate Plastisol Base

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Quart, Gallon, and 5Gallon size available
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Contacts [email protected] for your desired PMS color pricing.

Wilflex Epic Performance non-phthalate mixing base is designed to print onto a variety of specialty fabrics, including performance athletic stretch polyester and polyester blended fabrics.     

Product Disclaimer:

  • AA's PMS plastisol ink colors are mixed according to the Wilflex EPIC PC system formulas utilizing the Wilflex EPIC Base.
  • The Wilflex PC system is Pantone licensed and approved.
  • The colors are very close simulations, but an exact match cannot be guaranteed.
  • Wilflex recommends users do print and wash tested in alignment with fabric considerations before production application. 
  • Available size in Quart (QT), Gallon (GL), and 5 Gallon (5GL).
  • Most orders shipped with 24hrs.

** Please note:**

All Color Matching inks are final sale, the inks cannot be canceled.  And the product cannot be returned or exchanged.  Please contact 1-800-334-4513 for detail. 

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