OSN Ink Series

Wilflex One-Step Nylon Ink is formulated to print onto “untreated” nylon. The ink can be used like a standard plastisol ink and will not dry in the screen or harden in the container. OSN inks flash quickly and allow multi-ink production, with cure/gel temperatures of 300 F (149 C).



·    Compliant with CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) 2008, Section 101, Lead Content in Substrates (<300 ppm lead); 6 CFR, Part 1303, Lead in Paint (<90 ppm lead).

·    Excellent for printing untreated nylon fabrics ranging from coarse deniers used in back-packs and luggage to finer deniers used in garments/umbrellas.

·    Can be used with or without the Hugger Catalyst.

·    Good opacity.


Printing Tips

·         One-Step Nylon inks should NOT be used on waterproofed satin jackets or when printing onto waterproofed nylon materials. If the nylon material has been treated to repel water, the waterproofing must be removed, and the addition to ink of Hugger Catalyst at 10% by weight will be necessary. Wipe down the print area with rubbing alcohol or acetone if printing on a tightly woven jacket material.

·         The Hugger Catalyst chemistry activates upon exposure to moisture in the air. The amount of moisture exposure determines the shelf life of the mixed ink. Pot life generally ranges from 4-8 hours.

·         Use consistent, high tension screen mesh to optimize performance properties.





OSN Series Colors


11000 White

60000 Navy Blue

19000 Black

60650 Contact Blue

23800 Spice Brown

62100 Light Royal

30200 Bright Orange

70000 Kelly Green

40000 Scarlet

80000 Gold

40700 Brock Red

80100 Light Gold

45400 Maroon

81000 Lemon Yellow

50400 Russell Purple




Process Colors

19850 Process Black

69850 Process Cyan

49850 Process Magenta

89850 Process Yellow

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